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5 Most Common Construction Accidents

Construction sites can be very dangerous, not only to the people working on the site but also to people visiting the site or simply walking by. Most construction workers are aware that they can file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits should they sustain an injury while on the job. Medical treatment can be extremely expensive, not to mention the loss of wages due to the disability or injury. Yet worker’s compensation often does not sufficiently cover the damages suffered by the injured party.

Here is a list of the 10 most common construction site accidents:

Falling Accidents

A typical construction site is rife with places to fall from such as, ladders, roofs, machinery, etc. In fact, falling accidents are the number one most common fatal construction site incidents. It is important that all safety protocol be followed to avoid these often fatal incidents.

Head injuries

Another common injury on construction sites, head injuries can be caused by falling debris or materials or workers slipping and falling. Wearing a hard hat should be enforced whenever necessary.

Cuts and lacerations

Sharp objects, such as heavy machinery, saws and nail guns, are responsible for countless cuts and lacerations as a result of improper use. While most of these injuries are relatively minor, serious injury is a real risk at any construction site and extreme care should be taken at all times.

Slips and falls

Construction zones are frequent sites of slip and fall accidents. Due to debris and obstacles all around the locations, as well as physically strenuous movements made by the workers, a slip and fall accident can occur all too easily on a construction site.


On almost every construction site, there are many electronically powered tools used by multiple employees. Whether a person is working on a crane, using power tools, or installing wiring in a building, electrocutions can happen at any given moment if employees are not safe and employers do not enforce safe work habits.

If you have been injured on the job site, the law office of Brent A. Duque is here to help you recover the compensation you deserve for the pain and suffering you have endured as a result of a workplace injury. Our Riverside office of construction site accident attorneys is proud to serve the needs of construction accident victims and their families who have suffered the injury or wrongful death of a loved one in a workplace accident. Workers compensation may not be nearly enough; you may need a personal injury attorney to help you receive the help you need when injured on the job. Call our attorneys today at 1-877-241-9554 to discuss your case. The consultation is absolutely free.

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