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Does Uber Promote Distracted Driving?

The days of standing on a street corner to flag down a cab are quickly coming to an end. With new ride services such as Uber and Lyft, all it takes is the click of an app on your smart phone and a car is on its way. As convenient as this service is, these drivers may be causing an increase in distracted driving accidents.

The key issue is the fact that Uber drivers are on a massive time constraint when it comes to accepting a new client. With a mere 15 seconds to get the location and accept the fare of a rider, it stand to reason that much of this often occurs while the driver is operating the vehicle. When clients are continually pinging the driver for rides and the app’s mapping service is necessary for direction, it can be difficult to be an Uber driver and not look at your device numerous times while driving.

Uber claims that the app was created with safety in mind since the driver can accept the new fare simply by tapping anywhere on the screen. While this feature can technically make looking at the phone unnecessary, most drivers want to actually see what they are saying “yes” to. Also consider the fact that many drivers work for several driving services, such as Uber AND Lyft simultaneously, causing them to need more than one phone or more than one app, leading to further distraction.

California law strictly prohibits texting or operating a phone while driving a vehicle, but whether or not Uber drivers are abiding by this law is in question. Ride-share apps such as Uber and Lyft are purportedly exploring new voice recognition and voice-activated response technologies that may increase driver safety.

While Uber may tempt drivers to look at their phone, the question is whether or not the service can be held liable for promoting the distraction of looking at one’s phone. If you are involved in an accident with a distracted Uber or Lyft driver, you have a right to receive the compensation. Distracted driving incidents can be complicated, whereas proving that the other driver was distracted can be difficult.

Filing all the claim forms and settlements can be daunting on your own. Following a car accident, victims may be tempted to settle for a quick to get the whole situation behind them. But the law can be confusing. That is why you need someone on your side who understands the law and can fight for your rights. An experienced attorney can answer your questions, investigate the accident and file your paperwork to ensure that your case is properly prepared and filed within the time limit required by the court.

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