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Flawed Playground Designs Could Cause Child Injuries


Every year, thousands of children are injured on playgrounds. Even though playgrounds are designed to provide the optimal amount of enjoyment for the children while posing the minimal amount of potential danger, accidents are still bound to occur. Although minor bumps, bruises, and cuts frequently occur on playgrounds, many playground injuries are more severe. Broken bones, sprains and strains, internal organ injuries, dislocations and concussions are the most common playground-related injuries that require a doctor’s care.

As always, there are ways to prevent these types of accidents, through preparation and vigilance. The basic layout of a playground can sometimes present hazards to children. From the basic slides and sandboxes of old to the more advanced monkey-bar linked complexes featured in modern playgrounds, any area heavily trafficked by children needs to be monitored carefully and maintained properly.

The surface underneath the playground equipment is another potential danger. Blacktop or concrete is unsafe.

The ground beneath equipment should be made of one of the following to cushion falls:


The following injuries are often seen on playgrounds:

Common Causes of Playground Injuries

Any number of factors can play a role in causing playground injuries, but there are some elements that are more common than others. Let’s take a look at some of them.







Who is Liable for Playground Injuries?

Before you can pursue compensation for your child, you will have to figure out who is to blame for your child’s playground accident and why they should pay.

It is important to look carefully at the causes and circumstances surrounding your child’s injuries. You may find that more than one person, business, or entity (like a school district) may be financially responsible.

It helps to understand some legal terms used in connection with injury claims:


Property owners and managers (homeowners, schools, daycare providers, mall and restaurant owners, and any other business entity that offers a playground area for visiting children) have a duty of care to make sure all playground equipment and the surrounding area are safe for children. Their duty means they must do everything reasonably possible to ensure the safety and well-being of children invited to use the playground, including repairing or removing dangerous equipment.

Failing to install, inspect, or maintain playground equipment properly can make the property owner or manager liable for injuries caused by their negligence.


Evidence for a Playground Accident Claim

To succeed in your child’s injury claim, you need credible and convincing evidence. Whether you believe the equipment manufacturer’s negligence or inadequate equipment maintenance was responsible for your child’s injury, you have the burden of proof.






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As parents, you want to keep your child safe at all times. If your child is injured in a playground accident, you’ll want to know what legal options are available. Our legal team at Duque Law Group is comprised of award-winning and nationally recognized trial lawyers who collaborate with nurses, doctors and medical experts regularly. Though we understand the nature of injuries, we are not physicians, and always encourage victims to seek treatment as soon after an accident as possible, and to follow up and heed their doctors’ advice.

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