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Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions Following an Accident

Unexpected accidents and injuries can upend your life in an instant, but the road to recovery – both physically and financially – can take time. Never ignore ANY injuries or pain following an accident, no matter how small or insignificant you may think they are. Visit a doctor right away so that there is medical documentation of your condition. This is especially crucial for injuries that can worsen over time. The sooner you get the documentation process started, the easier it will be to prove that the injuries were a result of the accident.


Injuries Are Not Always Obvious

After an accident such as a car crash or severe slip and fall, many injuries such as lacerations, fractures and bruises are obvious and can be easily spotted with the naked eye even though the severity might be a bit hidden. However, other types of injuries might not be so obvious, and some could even days or even time to manifest themselves. Considering the shock of the accident itself, it can be difficult for a victim of an accident to account for all of his/her symptoms, which means that potential issues could be overlooked.

Here are a few of the most common “delayed-onset” injuries that you should be aware of:











7 Reasons to Follow Up & Follow Medical Advice








Avoid Activities You Are Told to Avoid

Part of your doctor’s orders may be to avoid doing certain activities, such as exercising, participating in sports, working or participating in other strenuous activity. It is important that you follow orders about avoiding certain activities. These restrictions can help you prevent a re-injury or worsening of your existing injury. It will also improve your credibility and show the insurance adjuster and jury that you are taking proper precautions regarding your health and physical safety.

Continue Treatment Until You Are Told to Stop

After a car accident, if your doctor diagnoses an injury and begins treatment, continue the course of treatment until your doctor releases you from it. There are two main reasons why it is important that you follow through with your treatment. The obvious reason is that your doctor is in the best position to determine how seriously you are injured, and to prescribe the best treatment for you. The second reason is that your doctor’s records of your visits are the best way to document and verify the nature and extent of your injuries, as well as the course and duration of your treatment. This verification is essential if you later make a car accident injury claim. Medical treatment and medical bills are a large component of damages in a personal injury case.

How Insurers View Victims Who Stop Treatment

When dealing with insurance adjusters, it is important to remember that they work for the insurance company and their goal is to do everything legally possible to deny insurance claims or minimize them. If you stop treatment, insurance adjusters may claim that you are making up your injuries or exaggerating them.

They may question the validity of the claim and argue that if you were really injured, you would follow doctor’s orders and continue treatment, regardless of the personal or financial costs to you. Insurance companies will try to attack your credibility if you stop treatment, so it is important to continue treatment.

Delayed Medical Treatment Could Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim

If you do not seek medical treatment immediately after an accident, you may hurt your prospects when filing a personal injury claim. An insurance adjuster will likely use your failure to seek treatment against you, arguing that since you did not seek immediate treatment; your injuries are not significant to warrant compensation. The insurance adjuster may also claim your injuries were not related to the accident because there was no documentation of it right after the accident.

The goal of the insurance adjuster is to discredit your claim and lower its value. When you fail to seek medical treatment immediately following an accident, you are opening up a door for them to use your actions, or lack thereof, against you. While these claims coming from an adjuster do not always work, when they do, they can drastically lower the amount of compensation you receive for your accident injuries.



Should You Speak with an Attorney?

Our legal team at Duque Law Group is comprised of award-winning and nationally recognized trial lawyers who collaborate with nurses, doctors and medical experts regularly. Though we understand the nature of injuries, we are not physicians, and always encourage victims to seek treatment as soon after an accident as possible, and to follow up and heed their doctors’ advice.

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