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Has Your Child Been Injured at Daycare? Know Your Rights

Parents who have to leave children in the care of professionals are trusting them to make the proper decisions to protect their children. As a parent, you expect your child returned to you in the same health and physical condition as when you dropped them off. We entrust the well-being of our children to childcare facilities and their staff. Most of the time, our trust is well placed. Unfortunately, sometimes our children are injured while at child care facilities.

Daycare programs, nursery schools and day camps are required to exercise the highest degree of protection with the children under their supervision, including taking sufficient precautions to prevent all reasonable dangers. Failure to do so can result in liability on the part of the program for injuries to the children in their care.

If your child is injured while in the care of others, it will typically be relatively minor, like a scraped knee or a bump on the head. Many injuries, however, are much more serious. Even if you have signed a release of liability form when enrolling your child in the facility, you should know that this does not necessarily exempt the school and its employees from responsibility should your child be injured. An experienced attorney can explain your rights and what you should do next.

Steps to take when your child is injured at daycare:

1. Get your child immediate medical attention.

If your child is injured, the most immediate concern is his or her safety. If the childcare facility did not already get medical treatment for your child, you need to do so right away. This is especially true for head injuries in which a concussion without immediate symptoms could be present. Make sure that proper diagnostic imaging is performed.

2. Get the full story

As with any accident or potential personal injury case, you will want documentation if you believe the injury was the result of negligence or carelessness on the part of the facility. Be sure to get reports from the doctor or hospital indicating the nature of the injury and how it occurred. Take photos of the equipment involved in the incident before it is repaired or dismantled. If possible, ask your child what happened and document the child’s testimony.

3. Seek Help in Your Time of Need

At the Law Offices of Brent A. Duque, we honestly hope we never have to see you in our offices for a case of child abuse or neglect from a daycare center or babysitter. No parent should ever have to go through the reality of a child being hurt due to negligence. In the unfortunate event that this happens, you need to act swiftly against the responsible party. Child abuse or neglect is a very serious issue and your attorney can aggressively represent your loved one to ensure that proper precautions are taken in the future to prevent this from happening to others, that those responsible are held accountable and that compensation is issued.

Contact us today for experienced, aggressive and dedicated representation that will fight for your rights, your child’s rights and for full reparations from those involved. Please reach out to our skilled daycare abuse and neglect attorneys if you see any signs that it may be happening to your child.

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