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Lawsuit Filed Against Uber Driver Who Tried To Run Down Passengers

A Los Angeles couple is suing Uber, alleging that one of their driver tried to run them down with her car four times while threatening to kill them, after they complained about her music. The alleged attack happened in April while but the lawsuit was just filed on Monday, August 14.

John Christopher Burget and his fiancee, Kristin Currey, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Uber Technologies Inc. and Uber driver, Destiny Riddle. According to the lawsuit, Uber hired Riddle despite her record of violent and confrontational behavior. Burget is seeking $4.95 million in damages and Currey is asking for $750,000, claiming negligence, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

According to the lawsuit, Currey had asked to Riddle to lower the volume of the music she was playing and complained about the offensive lyrics. The lawsuit claims that Riddle refused to turn the music down or off and that the request only caused Riddle to become extremely confrontational and violent.

Burget and Currey then asked Riddle to let them out of the car, but that request was also refused. Riddle only allowed the plaintiffs out of the car after they called 911. However, the suit states that after they were out of the car, Riddle tried four times to run them over four times and that she expressly stated to plaintiffs that she was going to kill them.

According to details in the lawsuit, Riddle only stopped trying to run them over because the police were arriving at the scene. Riddle fled the scene in her car and was eventually arrested by police.
Burget, who previously had knee implant surgery in one leg and a hamstring injury in the other leg, injured himself while jumping out of the way of Riddle’s car and has had further surgery on the leg with the implant and he may lose that limb from the knee down.

Currey also was injured while jumping out of the way of Riddle’s car. Both Burget and Currey also claim they suffered emotional distress.

Neither the plaintiffs’ attorney, Mark Mazda, nor an Uber representative have issued a comment.

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