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Teen Driving Safety Tips for Prom and Graduation

April, May and June are the time of the year where high school students attend prom and graduation parties. These rites of passage are important celebratory times, but parents know that prom and graduation also represent a transition into adulthood that provide ample opportunities for their teens to make unwise choices. But it also provides a great opportunity for parents to start conversations about the dangers of mixing alcohol, driving and peer pressure.

Vehicle crashes are still the leading cause of death for teenagers ages 15 to 18 years old, according to the National Safety Council. Topping the list of dangers for teens drivers include intoxication, not using the seat belt, distracted driving and speeding. Unfortunately, these dangers tend to become more of a problem around this time of year.

While most parents have likely already warned their teens about the dangers of drinking and driving, we suggest that you take this time to talk to your kids about what to expect on prom and graduation nights, and please follow these safety tips:


Prom and graduation are special times in a teen’s life. With just a little common sense, you can make sure your young adult returns home safely after a fun night of memories.

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