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San Bernardino County Brain Injury Lawyer

Any injury to the brain elicits crushing emotional and financial toll on all involved. Typically, recovery can last a lifetime not only for the injured person, but for their family as well. Traumatic brain injuries can cause a wide variety of crippling symptoms, such as coma, paralysis, seizures, personality changes and cognitive or learning deficits. Many also experience a loss or change in their hearing, vision, taste and smell.

Symptoms Of A Brain Injury

Many brain injuries appear immediately following an accident. However, in some cases, the symptoms take weeks or months to fully manifest. The brain is the stimulant for many functions for the body, making brain injuries that much more devastating.

Symptoms of a brain injury can include:

Physical Symptoms

Sensory Symptoms

Cognitive or Mental Symptoms

Personal Injury Claims In San Bernardino County, California

Since some symptoms of brain injury can take months or even years to appear, California law allows 2 years to file civil claims against a negligent party. This means that if your brain injury worsens at a later date, you may still have the chance to file a legal claim and collect damages. This statute limitation time period begins at the time of awareness of the injury, so it is important to obtain a medical evaluation as soon as possible following an accident or injury.

If you live in San Bernardino County and have suffered a brain injury due to an accident or negligence, please contact the Duque Law Offices at any of our offices in Los Angeles, Orange County or Riverside, and let us provide you and your family with a free case evaluation. Ensuring that our brain injury clients are compensated fully for lifetime injuries is one of our primary goals and we do not allow negligent parties and their insurance providers to avoid lifetime medical responsibility without a fair and maximum settlement.

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