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Big Rig/18-Wheeler Accidents in Victorville, CA

An accident involving a large commercial truck can be very devastating. The sheer size and weight of these large trucks can cause severe injury and damage to a vehicle. With more 18-wheelers on the road these days, it is understandable that they will become involved in more accidents than ever before.

Have You Been Involved In an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident in Victorville?

If you have had the misfortune of being in an accident involving a commercial truck in Victorville, you must know that the case will often be more complicated than it would be in a simple traffic accident. There are more people involved, including both the driver and owner of the truck, and you often need to have some knowledge of the industry to fully understand the potential case. The knowledge of the common reasons for trucking accidents, relationships between those who have to do with the truck, trailer and load, will all be helpful in determining the validity of your claim and presentation of your case.

Laws Pertaining to Truck Accidents in Victorville, CA

The commercial trucking industry is dictated by federal regulations that establish a set of standards and can determine the responsible party in a given trucking accident. Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations contains most applicable regulations. Fortunately, by working with a firm like the Duque Law Group you can put years of expertise in your corner to understand your rights under the law.

Who Is Responsible?

There is a large variety of potential responsible parties in any truck accident. These include: the driver, the owner, whoever leased the truck from the owner, the manufacturer of the vehicle or any parts, shippers and loaders, etc.

Avoidance of Liability by Trucking Companies

Recently, commercial trucking companies have worked hard to side step liability for accidents by distancing themselves from the drivers, equipment, and vehicles. They have the required permits to operate the vehicles, but they often do not own the equipment that is used to haul whatever is in the truck. They also hire drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. These practices have enabled them to shift the responsibility over to the truck owner and driver.

However, federal regulations have fortunately made it so that any company who owns a trucking permit is liable for any accident that involves a truck with its name or placard on the vehicle.

Accident victims historically had to rely on witness statements and police reports to understand the specifics of an accident. Now, data from high tech devices and information from government agencies are also available for greater understanding.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Victorville

The most frequent causes of truck accidents are driver error, mechanical failures, road design, weather conditions, and traffic signal failures.

  • Driver Error

Driver fatigue and sleep deprivation are by far the most common causes of trucking accidents; according to FMCSA, 88% of trucking accidents are caused by a driver’s action or failure to take action.

  • Mechanical Problems

After driver error, the second leading factor causing these truck accidents is equipment and mechanical issues. These can be design errors in the vehicles, manufacturing mistakes, or some other issue that interferes with the truck running smoothly. The majority of mechanical causes of these accidents are a result of a failure to maintain the equipment properly. These can include the following: jackknifing of a truck which is caused by the depowering or removing of the front brakes, failure of the brakes as a result of inadequate adjustments, blowouts of the tires because of wear and tear, truck rollover because of improper securing of the load distribution, defective steering, transmission failure, incorrect trailer attachment, defective lighting on the rears or sides of vehicles, and many more.

Getting Legal Help in Victorville, California

Truck accidents can be quite difficult since there are so many individuals involved. It can be quite difficult to navigate through the events and responsible parties without the help of someone who is knowledgeable and skilled with trucking law. If you have been injured in a truck accident in the state of California, the Duque Law Group has the expertise and experience to be able to help you figure out who exactly is responsible so that you can proceed with a strong case and get the reparations that you deserve for your suffering. You will want a Victorville Trucking Accident Lawyer to help you in your case after a truck accident, and the Duque Law Group is here to help you.

Contact our San Bernardino County Personal Injury Attorney at 1-877-241-9554 to learn more about your legal options. A free consultation is just a phone call away. You can even use our online contact form, and we’ll reply to you quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been in a truck accident in Victorville, an experienced attorney can provide you with the legal advice you need to take legal action against at-fault parties and fight for your rights.

Victorville truck accident lawyers can help you collect the evidence you need to hold truck drivers or at-fault parties accountable for the damages and injuries you suffered, especially if the incident was caused by negligence or carelessness.Different parties may be held accountable for a truck accident in Victorville, including truck drivers, vehicle owners, truck manufacturers, a person who leased the truck from the owner, shippers and loaders, and more.

Therefore, victims should always seek legal help from a seasoned truck accident attorney to determine who was at fault for the accident and seek justice.Yes, of course! Commercial trucking companies must have certain permits to operate these vehicles and equipment to haul items that may be in the truck. In addition, these firms must make sure they hire and train fully qualified people to operate these vehicles.

However, when they fail to meet these obligations, these companies can cause accidents and put other people’s safety at risk. Fortunately, under federal regulations, trucking firms involved in truck accidents are considered liable for accidents caused by their vehicles.People who have been injured in accidents involving trucking companies should seek help from a commercial truck accident attorney in Victorville.

Those affected by a truck accident caused by a commercial company’s vehicle must collect witness statements, police reports, and other evidence to show that the firm is liable, whether they didn’t secure the cargo properly or hired an inexperienced truck driver.

Therefore, victims should seek legal assistance from a trustworthy attorney to build a strong case with enough evidence to prove that the truck accident was caused by a company’s negligence or wrongdoing.Yes, of course! Actually, mechanical problems represent the second most common cause of truck accidents in Victorville.

“Mechanical problems” may include design mistakes, issues interfering with the truck’s operation, manufacturing errors, and more.

In some cases, mechanical problems are also related to poor maintenance, including accidents involving brake failure due to improper equipment maintenance or tire blowouts caused by wear and tear.

However, the fact that an accident was caused by mechanical problems doesn’t mean that there is no responsible party.

Drivers and companies must make sure that their vehicles get the proper maintenance as recommended by state and federal regulations. Furthermore, they cannot operate vehicles that may pose risks to people’s safety.

In addition, manufacturers must ensure that their trucks are in good working order before selling them. Otherwise, they could also be held accountable for accidents caused by such vehicles.

Therefore, whether the truck accident was caused by a driver’s error or a mechanical problem, victims should always seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer to take legal action against responsible parties.Yes, of course! Truck accidents can be devastating, cause disabilities or severe injuries, and affect people’s lives permanently.

Some common injuries that truck accident victims may sustain include the following:

  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Seat belt injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Rib and torso injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis

In the worst-case scenario, a person involved in a truck accident may die. In fact, incidents involving trucks are more lethal than other types of crashes.

Therefore, those affected should always seek help from truck accident lawyers and try to recover the compensation they deserve.Yes, you should. Incidents involving semi trucks can be just as serious as any other car accident. Therefore, if you were injured in one, you should seek help from a personal injury lawyer.

Many personal injury law firms’ teams have extensive experience in semi-truck accidents, including Brent. a Duke Law Office. If you need help taking legal action against another party because you were injured in an accident involving these vehicles, don’t hesitate to contact us!

A specialized semi-truck accident lawyer in Victorville will contact you to review your case as soon as you call us!If you want to find a reliable truck accident lawyer, the first thing you should do is schedule a consultation to give them all the details of your case.

This consultation can also help you verify if the personal injury lawyer you contacted is licensed and has extensive knowledge and experience handling these cases. Also, you can discuss your settlement goal and determine if the expert is willing to go the extra mile to get the results you expect.

Do you want to know if the truck accident lawyer you contacted is reliable? You can also check what previous customers say on Google reviews or in the comments on their websites.

Brent A. Duque Law Office has a client reviews section where you can find all the comments from our previous clients with details about their experiences working with us!Yes, of course! Our team is made up of lawyers specializing in personal injury laws. All our attorneys are ready to help truck accident victims fight for their rights and seek the compensation they deserve.Yes, you can! We offer a free consultation to all people involved in truck accidents.

Do you want to know if the trucking company can be held responsible for your accident? Do you plan to take legal action against a truck driver?

One of our Victorville truck accident attorneys will review your case to build a solid claim and help you get justice!Our personal injury lawyers will go the extra mile to help you recover the compensation you deserve if you were injured in an accident involving a truck.

We know that truck crashes can be much more devastating than a car accident, so we do everything we can to help you recover all the damages you suffered, including the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of property
  • Pain and suffering
  • And more

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