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A serious car accident can change your life in a moment. A collision caused by a careless or distracted driver can be devastating. Riverside is the sixth most populous city in California. That means there are a lot of drivers on the road, and a lot of potential for auto accidents.  In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are over 1,300 people killed or injured in a car accident every year in Riverside.

Car Accident & Auto Injury Lawyers

At the legal offices of Brent A. Duque, our Riverside car accident lawyers are committed to providing you with the legal help you need in a manner that is professional, humane, and just. We strive to provide a dependable, supportive base for our clients and to remain sensitive to your unique needs. Our office has successfully handled hundreds of accident cases over the years, including:

Additionally, accidents involving drinking and driving, texting and driving, rollover accidents, and other auto collision accidents have been successfully dealt with through our office.

At the law offices of Brent A. Duque, we serve the legal needs of auto accident victims and their families. Our experienced professionals offer sound legal guidance and aggressive representation in insurance claims and litigation based on serious car accident injuries, including:

What Are The Most Common Injuries After A Car Accident?

Car accidents can cause a variety of serious personal injuries, including death. Many of these injuries are not immediately apparent right after the collision. It may take days or weeks for your neck or back to start hurting. If not treated, many types of injuries will worsen and could cause long term damage.

For your own well-being, it is important to seek medical attention right away. Without immediate medical attention, many insurance companies will dispute your claim even though your injuries and pain were the results of the accident. Seeking the advice of an attorney may also help answer questions you may have and can protect your rights in the event that there is a dispute over culpability.

What Types of Evidence Are Needed In A Car Accident Case?

Driving on California’s road and highways can be risky at best. The California Highway Patrol reported that every year, more than 223,000 people were injured and an additional 3,104 people died due to traffic accidents in our state. Regardless of the extent of the accident, knowing in advance what to do can help you avoid costly mistakes. What should you do after an accident? What can you expect when you file a claim with your insurance company? What type of evidence will prove most helpful?

The injuries from collisions can be severe and often leave victims facing expensive medical bills, loss of income, and even permanent disabilities. Families who lose a loved one are not only left with grief but often with lost financial contribution and support to the household. Fortunately, there are options for car accident victims in California to hold the driver who was at fault responsible for their losses.

What Are Delayed Injury Symptoms After A Car Accident?

Auto accident injuries can range from minor physical pain to life-threatening events, and everything in between. In many cases, pain is not felt immediately after an accident. Oftentimes, it is not felt until days following the accident, leading some people to believe that their pain is unrelated to the accident. This can be dangerous since early detection and treatment of accident-related injuries is crucial for minimizing chronic pain and long-term effects of accidents. It is also dangerous to any potential case you might have.

So why does pain so frequently appear hours or even several days later?
The simple answer is adrenaline (also known as the hormone epinephrine). Directly following an accident, the adrenaline circulating through the body blocks certain pain signals in the body. After these effects wear off it’s often several hours before pain is felt.

In addition, inflammation continues to build during the hours and days after a car accident. Pain is one of the key markers for inflammation. You may experience a warm, red, swollen, painful sensation in the inflamed area. As inflammation builds in the joints, muscles, and surrounding tissues, the pain will increase. Early treatment is important to help prevent chronic pain.

No Case is Too Big or Too Small for the Law Offices of Brent Duque

One of our primary strengths as a firm is our commitment to providing the same high-quality service and determined representation to each and every client.

If you have suffered a severe personal injury or the wrongful death of a loved one in a car accident in Southern California, please contact us today for a free consultation with a highly skilled and accomplished lawyer. We are available 24 hours a day to help you.

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Some car accident victims are reluctant to contact an attorney after a rear-end collision, but even a low-speed collision can cause whiplash, resulting in neck pain and stiffness that can lead to months or years of pain, problems with sleep, and difficulties in performing work or other daily duties. These injuries may require expensive medical attention.

If you have suffered whiplash or another soft tissue injury in a Riverside car accident, you need a thorough diagnostic evaluation in order to know the true extent of the harm you suffered. We can help. Our Riverside car accident attorneys work with a network of reputable doctors and chiropractors who understand the long term damage an untreated soft tissue injury can cause.

The law office of Brent Duque is conveniently located in Riverside, CA, and can help you seek maximum recovery for your car accident injuries. For a free consultation, please contact us today at 1-877-241-9554. Our dedicated staff is friendly and responsive, providing 24-hour availability and a firm-wide commitment to each individual and family we represent.

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