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Product Liability & Defective Products

Injuries that are the result of a defective product, even when the person has properly used a product, are quite common across the country. These defective products typically reach the consumer in the form of an improperly designed appliance or device, food laced with bacteria, or any item that was manufactured incorrectly.

While there are numerous ways for defective products to inadvertently hit the market, California statute of limitations laws for defective products require those injured by these items to bring their cases to court within a certain time period. For this reason, is very important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible following the injury.

Recent Examples of Product Liability Cases

Do I Have a Legitimate Product Liability Claim?

There are numerous ways for a consumer to be injured by a product he/she has purchased, but it does not necessarily mean that the product is faulty or that the manufacturer is liable. Product defects can be the result of some form of negligence or oversight at some point during the design, manufacture or sale of a product. Product liability claims typically involve the following:

How Can I Prove the Product was Defective?

A successful product liability claim will typically require a few types of evidence. First, the injured person must prove the extent of the injuries or illness caused by the faulty product with medical records, photographs of the injury and other signs of damages.

You will also need to prove that the product in question was, in fact, defective. It is important that the product that caused the injury is kept to use as evidence. A knowledgeable and experienced product liability lawyer will be able to investigate whether the product was faulty due to a manufacturing error, design defect or other hazard. If the product was being used as it was intended and the defect directly caused the injury, a product liability attorney at Duque Law will have a strong case to support your claim against the liable party.

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