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Riverside Back and Neck Injury Attorney

Hiring A Riverside California Injury Attorney After A Back Or Neck Injury

When a person gets in a car accident, it’s very common for them to suffer from a back or neck injury; these types of injuries cause a lot of problems, and they have the potential to change your life forever. Even the smallest car accident can cause damage to the muscles and nerves in your neck and back. Oftentimes, people don’t realize how fast their cars are going, and they write off their neck or back injuries because symptoms don’t manifest until later.

It’s not always possible to figure out what is causing your pain when it comes to your neck and back. After an accident, it’s common to see strained or inflamed muscles and ligaments, but these injuries typically heal after a month or two. Pain that lasts longer than a couple of months is usually due to a more serious problem like injured discs or joints.

An injury to your neck or back can cause pain throughout your whole body; you can experience acute pain, numbness and a loss of mobility. These types of injuries need to be looked at by a professional; if you put off seeing a doctor, you risk making your injuries worse. Unfortunately, visiting doctors and specialists in Riverside, CA gets expensive, and without legal help, you may end up paying these expenses yourself. Don’t let this happen to you, give us a call at The Law Offices of Brent A. Duque for an absolutely free consultation today.

The Anatomy Of Your Back And Neck

Your spine and neck consist of a delicate string of bones, ligaments and muscles that go all the way from your neck to your tailbone. Your upper neck region supports your head while protecting your nerves and spinal cord; when this region is injured, it’s hard to move your neck, and this tends to cause consistent pain throughout the day. It’s hard to imagine how much you use your neck until it gets injured.

Your spine is supported by the vertebrae in your back; these bones have discs between them, and there are facet joints on each side of them. The joints allow for smooth movement when you are bending forward or backward. This is a delicate system, and an injury to any part of it can leave you in considerable pain. The system also consists of muscles and ligaments around your spine, and all the structures in your back and neck have nerves in them, so after a car accident, you can experience pain from any single one of these systems.

Symptoms Of A Neck Or Back Injury

Your neck and back is a tricky area when it comes to injuries. It’s common for people who have been in a car accident to start feeling pain days or weeks after the accident occurs. As bleeding, pressure and swelling increases over time, you’ll start to notice that your pain becomes more pronounced.

If you’ve been in an accident in Riverside, don’t be surprised to find out that your insurance company doesn’t cover your expenses; insurance companies are there to make a profit, and if you don’t have legal representation, they are likely to give you low offers in the hopes that you accept them. Don’t let this happen to you. Contact The Law Offices of Brent A. Duque for advice; we’ll help you deal with the insurance companies, and we’ll work hard to get you the compensation that you deserve. We handle all types of neck and back injuries after a car accident including:

If you notice any symptoms, feel free to give us a call. We know that every case is unique, so we have a team of experts on standby waiting to help you; we pride ourselves on being responsive and accessible, and we are always committed to going the extra mile for all of our clients.

We offer a free consultation, so bring in all of your questions and concerns; we’ll be happy to go over your accident to let you know if you have a solid case. Don’t depend on the insurance companies for compensation; they’re in it for the money, and if you skip out on legal representation, they’ll use that to take advantage of you. Consult with our specialized neck and back injury team. We guarantee to aggressively pursue your case under California law until you get the money that you deserve.

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