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Torrance Personal Injury

At the Law Offices of Brent A. Duque, we pride ourselves in knowing that thousands of accident victims in the Torrance, California area have been successfully represented by our dynamic team of attorneys. Our Torrance personal injury law firm focuses on car accidents, wrongful death cases, and work related injuries as well as other personal injury cases. We have offices conveniently located throughout Southern California.

We have assisted numerous accident victims in their battle against the insurance companies who are often less than eager to pay out costly claims to accident victims. You have the right to fair compensation for your damages, which can include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost time at work and other damages suffered by your family members.

At Duque Law, we act as your most fierce advocate in all types of personal injury cases, including auto, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, construction site accidents, big rig accidents, workplace injuries and even wrongful death cases. We offer all potential clients a free initial consultation, in which we can evaluate your case and which gives you a chance to get to know us before hiring us to represent you. If we choose to work together, you do not pay any legal fees until we obtain a financial recovery for you.


After a car accident, the devastation can last for months or even years. A collision caused by a careless or distracted driver requires the knowledge and experience of a team of lawyers to fight on your side.

TORRANCE Drunk Driving Accidents

The increased presence of awareness campaigns and the possibility of jail/prison time has not eliminated the threat of drinking and driving. Drunk drivers are often the cause of devastating car accidents. If you were hit and injured by a drunk driver, any case that you might have against them will be a civil case for damages. This is separate from the criminal charges the DA may file.


Pursuing a wrongful death action can be the only way to obtain justice after the loss of a loved one. For many of our Torrance clients, their primary goal in a lawsuit is to hold responsible parties accountable for their negligence, wrongful actions or recklessness.


At the law offices of Brent A. Duque, we are aware that the general attitude toward bikers can be unfair. As Torrance motorcycle accident attorneys, we understand that just because an accident victim was riding a motorcycle, he or she is not necessarily at fault.


A commercial truck or big rig can easily weigh over 75,000 pounds. These trucks, by their sheer size and weight, can be very difficult to maneuver, creating an increased hazard for those sharing the road with them and all too often leading to catastrophic injuries.


Dog bites are a very common problem, especially with young children. According to the American Humane Association (2014), over 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year, and more than half of those are children.


The theory of premises liability is a legal concept defining how property owners and residents are liable for accidents and injuries that occur on their property. The types of accidents that can result in premises liability claims can range from slip and fall injuries to an injury suffered on an amusement park ride.


With the increased volume of construction projects occurring in Torrance, accidents happen daily. Construction place accidents account for thousands of workplace injuries and deaths nationwide. In a constantly growing area like Torrance, with construction on the freeways, new buildings and houses being built, accidents occur far too often.


A back, neck or spinal cord injury can forever change the course of your life forever. Spinal cord injury (SCI) results from any type of trauma or injury to the nerves attached to the spinal cord. Such injuries are often the result of falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and other violence to the spine.


Burn injuries happen quite frequently and can be some of the most excruciating and life-altering an individual can suffer. Such injuries are not only extremely painful but can also require years of hospital stays, surgery, recovery and convalescence. In severe burn injury cases, skin and tissue damage can take years to heal.


Medical malpractice is a mistake committed by a doctor or other medical professional resulting in serious bodily harm. Serious negligence often leads to long term disability, permanent injury, or in extreme cases, death.


It is beyond disturbing to imagine, but elder abuse occurs all too often in and throughout the Torrance area. Our elder adults are some of our society’s most vulnerable people, especially as they reach the point in their lives when they must rely on others to help them in their basic activities of daily living, safety, and well being.


Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) result when the head sustains a violent hitor even a sudden jolt. Since the brain is actually floating in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) inside the skull, it is vulnerable to extreme collisions within the skull itself, such as those that occur in automobile accidents (whiplash). Have you been involved in a whiplash injury?

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