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Riverside Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries rarely result in a positive outcome for the victim of an accident because the most central function of the body is the brain. Traumatic brain injuries can be particularly devastating when the victim is rendered comatose or paralyzed because of damage between the brain and spinal cord. In addition, brain injuries are normally permanent in nature, and even those who recover to some degree will have difficulty functioning as a typical person again. When individuals suffer a traumatic brain injury, often stemming from an automobile accident, they are also in no condition to pursue any legal recourse without an experienced and aggressive attorney who will work diligently to find streams of financial recovery in making the victim whole by filing legal claims against all potential negligent defendants. At the Riverside Law Offices of Brent A. Duque we specialize in brain injury cases.

Functions Of The Brain

The brain is no doubt the most important component of the body. While the remainder of the body does interact with the brain, all directed impulses and motor skills are ordered from the brain to the lower body. Diminished ability to send electrical impulses from the brain can impair functionality of any other body part. For those who suffer traumatic brain injuries, or TBI, results are often permanent and severe, as there are often very few treatment options. The potential for extended injury is also present when the brain hemorrhages and fluids have no where to go except down the spine, creating paralysis. And even for those individuals who suffer mild traumatic brain injury, or mTBI, many times the chemical flow within the brain is disrupted, which then can result in mental disorders that can be challenging to treat effectively. Regardless of severity of injury, a brain trauma of any magnitude can yield severe negative lifelong consequences.

Symptoms Of A Brain Injury

Many brain injuries are obvious at the point of impact, especially when they are the result of a serious automobile accident. But, realizing you have suffered a brain injury often does not happen until later when the injury manifests into a worsened condition. Symptoms of an internal brain injury can range from dizziness to blurred vision, but can also be accompanied by the inability to think rationally. The brain provides impetus for many functions for the body, and thinking clearly may be the most important. Involuntary physical responses can also be symptomatic of brain trauma, especially when interaction between the spine and brain are being impacted. Any time the cranial area is struck in an accident, the victim and immediate family should be on guard for symptoms of internal brain problems. Even when the victim can manage life physically, there may be chemical breakdowns within the brain that need medical attention.

Brain Injury Treatment Options

Sadly, there are usually limited treatment options for a traumatic brain injury. Severe brain injuries last a lifetime, as the brain is easily the most complex and difficult portion of the anatomy and does not always respond positively to medical treatment. Mild trauma brain injury can be treated effectively in some cases, depending on the seriousness of the injury, but treatment response will still include an ongoing change in lifestyle. What this means for the victim is continual pain and suffering from a horrible injury that may have occurred at the hands of a negligent driver in an automobile accident.

Personal Injury Claims In Riverside, California

California has established a standard timetable concerning the amount of time a plaintiff has to file civil claims against a negligent party, and the personal injury civil action limitation period is two years. This means that anyone suffering a brain injury in an accident that worsens at a later date still has the opportunity to file a legal claim against the negligent party, but it is still important to begin the litigation process as soon as the injury is apparent. That statute limitation time period begins at the time of awareness of the injury, but it is important to move quickly. Seeking additional medical evaluation should always be the central priority when an injury develops after the fact of the accident.

Anyone in Riverside California who has suffered a brain injury due to an automobile accident should contact us at Duque Law Offices at either of our offices in Los Angeles, Orange County or Riverside, and let us provide you and your family with a free case evaluation. Ensuring that our brain injury clients are compensated fully for lifetime injuries is one of our primary goals, and we do not allow negligent parties and their insurance providers to avoid lifetime medical responsibility without a fair and maximum settlement.

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